Ritu’s design studio started way back in 1995. Though the start was anything but conventional.

Mr. R.K Deora was juggling with his ongoing job at Siyarams silk mills ltd, and setting up Ritu’s design studio with his passionate wife Ritu Deora.

Ritu Deora is now one of the most acclaimed and loved costume designer of the television industry, having designed around 250 shows and working on over 25 shows on air currently.

Through various ups and downs, this studio has now garnered a reputation of hard work, perseverance and unmatched insights and products in the costume industry.

His unabashed knowledge of fabrics and her adoration for clothes combined, resulted in the rise of this fashion business. Our goal is to create work that is honest.

The Style Loft (parent company being Ritu’s design studio) is a new feather added to the cap, and we love what we do. As a husband and wife team – now introducing the daughter in law too, work side by side diligently and blend work, life and inspiration equally and organically.

The Style Loft brings a very exciting alternative to buying garments.

Who doesn’t love the heady excitement of dressing up and going out, without having to sit in front of the wardrobe staring into it as if something you’ve desired to wear for a while, will magically pop out. We love having stylish new outfits to wear , and being the best dressed in the room. We’re also social media addicts and hate to repeat outfits anymore.

To all these roadblocks, we offer you the perfect solution. Rent any occasional garment you desire to wear from our exclusive range, and change the meaning of ownership!

From serving the t.v and film industry, we now open shop to one and all.

We exist because we believe a beautiful product shouldn’t only be experienced by owning it.